Music Facilitation

Music-facilitated events are a great way to connect and energize your group whether it’s a staff meeting, board retreat or with different populations such as pastors, health-care workers and care-givers. Music facilitated experiences allow people to take part in active music making tailored to the goals of your event.

Music & Work

Using music to connect, engage and reduce stress in the workplace through consistent and active music-making. Businesses, faith-based organizations and community groups will benefit with a stronger team that feels engaged, nurtured and connected thus reducing stress. M3 Music Therapy offers a number of programs for using music to connect, engage and reduce stress in the workplace.

Feeling connected and valued are central aims of employee engagement.  Studies show that more often than not employee satisfaction is based on a sense of self-worth rather than financial incentives. It’s not solely about free lunches or more money. It’s about being engaged and connected, a sense that those around you care about your development.

Music in the workplace

Community-Based Performances

Building community through performance experiences helps to strengthen community, build connection and a self of accomplishment and pride in the outcome. These programs make the audience an active participant in the creative performance.

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