Drum Circles

What is a Drum Circle?

A drum circle benefits individuals by connecting them to a common purpose of creative self-expression. Drum circles are routinely utilized by community groups, corporations and organizations, support groups, children, youth at risk, well and unwell elderly, teachers, religious groups, college student groups, to name but a few. All of these groups have found the power that drum circles have to create an environment for joy, expression, team building, stress relief and communication.

Who is a drum circle facilitator?

A drum circle facilitator is an individual who makes this interactive music making experience “easier” for the participants. A facilitator creates a space for the expression of community by empowering the group of participants with a safe and fun atmosphere and tools for expression, enabling them with technique and encouraging them with fun. Trained professional facilitators recognize the need for empowering each individual as the consciousness of the entire group evolves into a musical composition. Drum circle facilitators act in service to the group, helping individuals achieve greater personal potential, shared joy, and interdependent group dynamics. A facilitator develops a rapport with the participants and through various techniques is able to assist the music into various compositions unique to the population.

Who uses Drum Circles?

From Fortune 500 companies to community organizations and healthcare facilities, drum circles are being used by all kinds of groups for a variety of purposes:

  • Corporations and organizations for stress-relief, team building and conferences
  • Schools for a fun, experiential activity that promotes multicultural learning
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities for recreation and therapy
  • Community organizations for festivals and special events