Sprouting Melodies®

Due to COVID-19 Sprouting Melodies will be offered in a virtual format for the foreseeable future. The Fall session starts the week of October 5th and runs through December 21st. We are offering Sprouting Melodies for Families on Monday and Saturday mornings and Sprouting Melodies for Infants on Monday mornings. You you may enjoy class from the comfort of your own home, even in your PJs or while away! For schedule and costs visit the registration page. For more details on the classes and what to expect, keep reading.

Sprouting Melodies is an early childhood music and movement program for children AND the adults who love them.  While typically offered in small, in-person, classes the COVID-19 pandemic has led us to create a virtual format.  There are many advantages to virtual including:

  • Unexpected Musical Magical Moments that carry from Sprouting Melodies and throughout your day
  • Extending the Family Bonds with caregivers working from home, siblings visiting or joining in
  • Creativity and Flexibility on display, supporting caregivers in navigating this new environment.
  • Bringing the outside world to you
  • Creating routines and space for play and music

We want to continue to help young families grow, develop and increase their bonds through music with songs, instrument play, and movement. Join us as we venture into the virtual world and bring Sprouting Melodies to you in the comfort of your home.

Sprouting Melodies early childhood program

Child-centered, family experiences

Sprouting Melodies offers a distinctly different, development-based approach to infant and toddler music classes. Age-specific classes for infants, toddlers, siblings and preschoolers include songs, instrument play and movement that encourage musical, social, physical, and emotional growth. Each class provides an engaging environment aimed at enhancing important skills such as communication, self-organization, and interaction.

All of the songs used in our Sprouting Melodies classes are created or adapted by Board Certified Music Therapists to address areas of development in young children. Music within class is live with accompaniment on guitar, ukulele, and percussion. No CD music means we follow the rhythm and tempo of the kids in that moment, not ask them to follow ours.

Each 45-minute parent/child class is created to address areas of development in young children and encourage musical, social, pre-academic, physical, and emotional growth. Our evidence-based curriculum features both original and familiar songs that are easy for parents to sing along to.

Virtual class size limited to 10 registrants. Anyone in the home is welcome to join, but the activities will be geared towards the class age-group.

Sprouting Melodies Providers™

Sprouting Melodies music for children

Sprouting Melodies is the only early childhood music program created by music therapists and offered through board certified music therapists (MT-BC) who complete the Raising Harmony™ early childhood training. With their expertise in music therapy and special training in early childhood development, Sprouting Melodies Providers™ are uniquely qualified to cater to the needs of individual children within groups. They also teach parents how music can strengthen bonds, engage cooperation and transform situations within the family.

Or call 724-624-9009 for more information.

Here’s what families are saying:

Virtual Sprouting Melodies

“Loved: it was engaging. My children had a great time. I learned a few sign languages that I could use with both of my children (infant and toddler) for years to come.”   

Violet D., parent attending a virtual class

In-Person Class:

“Michelle is so kind and patient with my son. What she does is nothing short from amazing. Her classes aren’t just playing and singing, her classes are learning and developing! Definitely worth every penny!”

Age specific class offerings:

Family Sprouts:

All young children can learn and grow in music. Family Sprouts gathers kids and families together and provides opportunities for children of different ages to learn and interact together. In music making, as in development, babies, toddlers and preschoolers have unique needs. Each Sprouting Melodies for Families class includes active music making designed to elicit different responses from the children based on their cognitive, social and physical skills.

The Sprouting Melodies Provider® will be able to direct parents on how the experience for children of different ages will be unique. This is also a great class for siblings and twins and will give you lots of new ways to incorporate music in your family time at home.

  • Ages: 6 months up to 5 years
  • Mondays & Saturdays at 10:30 – 11:15 am (EDT)
  • Saturday classes run for 8 weeks for a cost of $80
  • Monday classes run for 8 weeks for a cost of $80
  • Register for the Full Session, purchase a 4 or 6 class pack and pick your dates or Drop-In.

Sprouting Melodies for Infants

Even at the earliest stages of development, we know that infants are stimulated and comforted by music. Babies 0-9 months old participating in Sprouting Melodies 1 with their parent or caregiver will be joining in simple song structures that increase their awareness of themselves and others, nurture healthy bonds and develop trust with the world around them. With all that we know about brain development in infancy, it is really all that we can’t see at this age that is so incredibly vital to healthy growth.

The repetition of musical experiences designed specifically for your little one will lay the groundwork for a life full of learning!

  • Ages: 0 – 9 months
  • Mondays at 11:30-12:15 pm (EDT)
  • Monday classes will run for 8 weeks for a cost of $80
  • Register for the Full Session, purchase a 4 or 6 class pack and pick your dates or Drop-In.

Payment options for all classes:

We know these are difficult and uncertain times both financially as well as the inability to plan even a few months in advance. With that in mind M3 Music Therapy is offering variety of payment options. If the total cost is more than you can budget right now, please let us know and we can try and work with you.

Full Session payment:

This option is best if you know you can attend all the sessions and paying all at once is feasible and your preference.


The session cost is split into two payments. Again, this is best if you know you can attend all the sessions, but paying in installment is easier on your wallet.

Class packs of 4 or 6 sessions:

You are not certain you can make all the classes in a session. The class pack allows you to purchase 4 or 6 classes and you may pick and choose those you wish to attend.  The per class rate in a session pack is the same as the semester: $10/class. Class packs expire 90 days from purchase date.

Drop-In Rate:

If you simply want to Drop-In on a class periodically. The cost for Drop-In is $13/class. The least cost effective option but allows the greatest flexibility.

Discounts available in all classes for: families receiving services and military/first responder families.  Please ask for information on these.

All Classes take place virtually for the foreseeable future. We know that cashflow is a challenge during the Pandemic as we have experienced the same. Payment plans are available for the session. If the total cost is more than you can budget right now, please let us know and we can try and work with you.