Music Therapy Videos

What is Music Therapy? – a Vlogumentary

Taking a different spin on answering the question WHAT IS MUSIC THERAPY?… we hope you’ll find this Vlogumentary visually engaging and well-crafted.

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In collaboration with Rusted Sol Pictures, we’ve produced a vlogumentary and series of video spots highlighting different areas of the profession. It’s gotten rave reviews around the world including:

“Absolutely INCREDIBLE”  –  “Terrific explanation and examples of music therapy in action”

Vlog #1: What a music therapy session looks like

Ever wondered what happens in a music therapy session or what does it look like? Here is a quick and basic answer to the question.

Vlog #2: Music Therapy with the Elderly: A Tribute to Phil

Any therapist, music or otherwise, will tell you that we are always learning from our clients. This Vlog was made in honor of an elderly client who has since passed. It is a small glimpse at some of the ways music therapy can be used with the elderly. More importantly, it is a tribute to a man who is greatly missed and from whom I learned so much.

Vlog #3: What instruments do music therapists play?

As a board-certified music therapist one of the first questions people ask me after, “What is music therapy?” is “What instruments do music therapists play?” We play a wide variety of instruments but our choices are based on the preferences and needs of our clients. Guitar is probably the most common instrument used by many music therapists in the United States – it is my personal choice even though I was trained as a classical pianist. Why the guitar? Watch and learn about the therapeutic benefits of using the guitar in music therapy.