Found Sounds @Home
Michelle Muth
December 31, 2020
Music Facilitator for Groups
Attending a virtual or in-person music-making event, like a drum circle, is great fun. The Pandemic has required us to use our creativity perhaps more than usual as we “make do” in our homes. One of the most fun activities I’ve found is looking around my home and discovering many different items I can use as a percussion instrument. Watch this video for some ideas and to see what I’ve discovered. If you don’t have time, keep reading for some ideas.
  • Drum style instruments (that are “hit/tapped” and have a membrane): trash cans, plastic buckets, metal bowls, plastic storage containers
  • Shaker sounds: medicine bottles filled about 1/4-1/3 with rice or peppercorns; small box of pasta or a rice and beans box; soda/pop bottles with filled 1/4-1/3 with pebbles, marbles, rice, unpopped popcorn
  • Scrape sounds: Grater of some kind; colander; lightweight metal grill grate; and something to rub against them wooden spoon,
  • Tap or hit sounds: stapler (without staples); business card holder that has a lid you can open and close;
  • Bell/Jingle: keyring; metal measuring spoons on a ring;
  • Mallets/Drum Stick options: Highly recommend using something wooden or plastic as a mallet or drum stick. Pencils with erasers as the “tip” are highly effective. Metallic drum sticks can sound very harsh.
Have fun finding those hidden musical sounds in your home! *Safety note: It is NOT recommended to use anything made of glass due to the potential for breaking.