Sprouting Melodies®

Early Childhood music and movement for children AND the adults who love them!

Come “Sing! Play! Move! Grow!” with Sprouting Melodies®, an award-winning early childhood music and movement program. We help young children grow and develop through music with songs, instrument play, and movement. Sprouting Melodies is an inclusive environment welcoming all children in class. Class size is limited to 8 students per class to enhance the experience for each caregiver and child.

Child-centered, family experiences

Sprouting Melodies offers a distinctly different, development-based approach to infant and toddler music classes. Age-specific classes for infants, toddlers, siblings and preschoolers include songs, instrument play and movement that encourage musical, social, physical, and emotional growth. Each class provides an engaging environment aimed at enhancing important skills such as communication, self-organization, and interaction.
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All of the songs used in our Sprouting Melodies classes are created or adapted by Board Certified Music Therapists to address areas of development in young children. Music within class is live with accompaniment on guitar, ukulele, and percussion. No CD music means we follow the rhythm and tempo of the kids in that moment, not ask them to follow ours. Each 45-minute parent/child class is created to address areas of development in young children and encourage musical, social, pre-academic, physical, and emotional growth. Our evidence-based curriculum features both original and familiar songs that are easy for parents to sing along to. Class size is limited to 8 students per class to enhance the experience for each caregiver and child.

Sprouting Melodies Providers™

Sporting Melodies is the only early childhood music program created by music therapists and offered through board certified music therapists (MT-BC) who complete the Raising Harmony™ early childhood training. With their expertise in music therapy and special training in early childhood development, Sprouting Melodies Providers™ are uniquely qualified to cater to the needs of individual children within groups. They also teach parents how music can strengthen bonds, engage cooperation and transform situations within the family.

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Here’s what Beaver County families are saying:

“Michelle is so kind and patient with my son. What she does is nothing short from amazing. Her classes aren’t just playing and singing, her classes are learning and developing! Definitely worth every penny I spent!”

Age Specific Class Offerings

Family Sprouts:

All young children can learn and grow in music. Family Sprouts gathers kids and families together and provides opportunities for children of different ages to learn and interact together. In music making, as in development, babies, toddlers and preschoolers have unique needs. Each Family Sprouts class includes active music making designed to elicit different responses from the children based on their cognitive, social and physical skills. The Sprouting Melodies Provider® will be able to direct parents on how the experience for children of different ages will be unique. This is also a great class for siblings and twins and will give you lots of new ways to incorporate music in your family time at home.

WINTER SESSION: Family Sprouts (Saturdays & Wednesdays)

  • Ages: 6 months up to 5 years
  • Saturday Schedule
    • Class Times: 9:30 am and 11:00 am
    • Dates: January 12th – March 30th
    • Cost: $165.00 (11 weeks) or $20 DropIn
  • Wednesday Schedule
    • Class Time: 9:30 am
    • Dates: January 16th – March 27th
    • Cost: $150.00 (10 weeks) or $20 DropIn
  • Sibling discounts if enrolled in the same class (30%)
  • Register for the Full Session or Drop-In to try out a class.

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NEW Sprouting Melodies 1 for Infants

Even at the earliest stages of development, we know that infants are stimulated and comforted by music. Babies 0-9 months old participating in Sprouting Melodies 1 with their parent or caregiver will be joining in simple song structures that increase their awareness of themselves and others, nurture healthy bonds and develop trust with the world around them. With all that we know about brain development in infancy, it is really all that we can’t see at this age that is so incredibly vital to healthy growth. The repetition of musical experiences designed specifically for your little one will lay the ground work for a life full of learning!

WINTER SESSION: Sprouting Melodies 1 (Wednesdays)

  • Ages: 0 – 6 or 9 months
  • Class Time: 11:00-11:45 am
  • Dates: January 16th – March 27th
  • Cost: $150.00 (10 weeks) or $20 DropIn
    • Sibling discounts if enrolled in the same class (30%)
    • Register required for Full Session and Drop-In as class size is limited.

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All Classes take place at:
First Presbyterian Church, 252 College Ave., Beaver, PA 15009

Discounts available in all classes for:
Military/First Responder families and families receiving services
Please ask!