Music in the Workplace

Using music to connect, engage and reduce stress in the workplace

Where we work and what we do for a living can be greatly satisfying but also very stressful. It is where we spend 25-30% of our lives and we want to feel that what we are doing means something. Many employees do not feel connected or engaged with their workplace – even those that are well paid often feel unfulfilled. It’s not solely about free lunches or more money.  It’s about being engaged and connected, a sense that those around you care about your development – believing in the company vision. Studies show that creating a community where employees are valued and self-expression is encouraged ultimately helps with the bottomline.

How does music fit in the workplace?

Making music with others, whether as a trained professional or a non-musician, requires many of the same skills needed to be an integral part of community: listening, paying attention, working together, taking risk. It is a powerful and non-threatening tool that can break down barriers to communication. Experiences can be used for team building; creating environments of trust, self-expression, wellness and building bridges. Music facilitated and music-therapy based experiences engage people and build community, particularly when led by a skilled facilitator.

Custom music-facilitated experiences

In addition to the programs listed below, M3 Music Therapy can partner with you from the ground up in using music for a major event – e.g. retreat, annual meeting, training session, industry conference or a succession of events – to create greater focus for participants; deeper connection; re-energize and, of course, reduce stress. Both passive (e.g. listening and relaxation) and active music ( e.g. playing instruments, singing or movement) music experiences are used. Start with a large group music-making activity to kickoff the day. At strategic transition points, use music listening combined with lyric analysis to help refocus, engage and prepare attendees for the next topic. Close the day with group relaxation or if more energy is required combine group music-making with movement. Music is a whole brain activity. Making it an integral part of an event will support attendees in their focus, energy, engagement and connection. Custom music-facilitated experiences are built to order.

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Music in the Workplace Programs